Quitting & growing..

Everyone defines "graphic design" differently. I recall a former colleague once say, "defining graphic design is like defining a sandwich,'' there are a lot of variables at play.

In April 2017 I started a full-time career as a self-employed graphic designer. A conclusion to an imbalanced life of working endless hours for the big man on projects I was far from interested in.

Time away from a corporate position lent to new perspectives. It also lent to new hobbies. Like experimenting with different mediums, having outside interests only benefited my designs, be it an unexpected approach from the new knowledge I had been given.

I left my salary position when I felt confident enough with my skillset. I knew I could operate on my own and shortly after I reached this mentality, going into work was very difficult for me...so I quit.

The first thing I did post-quitting was register an LLC through the state of Rhode Island. The second was cashing in my 401k (I don't recommend doing this unless mandatory).

I created a new Identity. I named my practice... Studio Quiche. This move was to represent the work I loved creating and co-creating, "Kristin Silva" only represented me, and not a collaboration of skills from varying design experts, It wasn't Inclusive nor memorable.

The third thing I did was plant a garden (i.e. start a new hobby) in the Fox Point Community Garden for $25.00 (+ seed, soil and garden gloves).


The rest was based on interest.

I became involved with local communities. I became a full time member at The Design Office which now is the primary address for the business. I grew tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and cucumbers in my garden and then I experimented with preserves.

The origins of this blog begin here, my love and life in design cultivated by my experiences with food, culture and everything In-between. Through these experiences I'll define what the words "graphic design" mean to me.