Welcome, we are Studio Quiche¹
A multidisciplinary² branding firm³


Who do we design for?

We work with advantageous Trailblazers who study evolving trends and practices as much as we do. Through joining forces we build a partnership of trust and communication, allowing them to focus on their specialties while we make strides in discovering, maintaining and building their status in the market. In short, we work with the Wizards of the world.

How we work

Generally speaking, our creative projects span anywhere from an intensive 4 to 12 weeks in length. Our market implementation projects span 3 to 6+ months.

Collaboration is essential.
Our inspiration comes from carefully listening and understanding our clients. We integrate this into our process via strategy workshops, brainstorming sessions, reaction exercises, questionnaires and comprehensive interviews.

Driven by results.
Strategy first, design second. We understand discovering the market, potential market, and profitability is a requirement. This belief sets a precedent to all of our creative work. 

Exceeding expectations.
We understand the impact and importance of nailing it the first time around. We strive not only to exceed our clients expectations but our own and that sometimes means we over deliver. This provides a growing advantage in our industry.

Our partnership agreements
Companies with a predetermined goal. All of our budget agreements require a 50% deposit fee at kick-off. The remaining 50% is due on deliverable day.

We provide returning clients with an opportunity to pay for buckets of our time in advance, at a special rate. Hours are only accrued when provided work and remain untouched with no expiration.

Profit Share
Have a unique idea with some risk involved? Pitch us with a proposal and let's start a conversation.

If you're interested in following our company's knowabouts, whereabouts and whatabouts, heres a couple more places you can reach us like our instagram, twitter, linkedin and our behance.

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