Our work orbits mission-driven companies in transition.

We partner with advantageous Trailblazers who study evolving trends and practices as much as we do. Through joining forces, we build trust and communication, allowing them to focus on their specialties while we make strides in discovering, maintaining, and building their status in the market. In short, we work with the Wizards of the world.


• Want to get ahead of your competitors?
• Feeling stuck in your business?
• A recent change in leadership?
• Experiencing rapid growth?
• Feeling stuck on an idea but don't know how to execute it?
• About to redesign any primary brand materials?

If you answered yes, we can help.
Luluna Health

Studio Quiche was an absolute dream to work with. In the past we have spent countless hours and money on designers that provided work we just never used, but with Kristin it all came together beautifully and with such ease. She really took the time to understand our brand and vision. Kristin’s background and attention to detail is impressive and it shines through in her work. I can’t recommend Studio Quiche enough - we will work with them on all of our future projects. Thanks Kristin - you rock! 

Lucille Kreger

Verdeco Recycling

“We hired Kristin and her team to create a new brand image for our company. We told them we wanted something different from any company on the market and they totally lived up to our expectations. They worked very systematically to help us define our core messages, identify the font, colors and styles that would differentiate our company. We’re very happy with the result. Thank you Kristin and Studio Quiche!”

Karine Blandel

Youth Catalytics

“Kristin worked hard with us to nail down what we wanted, but also gave us a lot of helpful advice on how to refine our look and brand. In the end, we got more than we hoped for, and our team is thrilled. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other nonprofits seeking digital and branding expertise.”

Melanie Goodman

Real Phat Foods

Studio Quiche is hands-down the best design team we’ve ever worked with. They’re extremely talented, organized, professional and great at communicating with their clients. Kristin is methodical in her process..extracting and understanding her clients objectives, creating designs that reach the target audience and have the desired impact, and helping her clients visions come to life. Our branding and packaging is absolutely beautiful and really helps us stand out from the competition thanks in large part to Studio Quiche. We’re so grateful to have found them.

Tasha Pennington

we post bits and pieces of our process on our instagram. facebook is rarely used. twitter too. linkedin, well, we’re working on it. Kristin's linkedin is here.
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