Brand strategy - Naming, Positioning, Messaging, Annual  Audits, Art Direction & Consulting (for teams), Market Segment Development, etc.

Brand Identity - Logo Systems, Collateral Systems, Brand Guidelines, Packaging Design, Web Design, Environmental Signage, Pitch Decks, Campaigns, etc.


Green Business
We are creating tomorrow, today. We work with clients whose primary focus is providing a cleaner, more sustainable, and habitable future. Verdeco Recycling

Non-Profits & Education
Education is the catalyst to change. We work with organizations that invest in providing civic engagement through tools, assistance, and opportunities. Youth Catalytics, Mark Tracy

Arts & Culture
Culture is the lifeblood of our society. We work with creative curators that weave our communities together through spaces, events, and junctures. PVDliveStyle, OneWay Gallery, O&G, The Next Street, Nadjarina

Startups/Capital Investment
The heart of innovation. We partner with startups and emerging companies undergoing research and development. They are now looking to apply systems and take charge of their market. HQ, Splyt

Food & Beverage
Where food and culture intersect, we work with high quality, craft, artisan, and clean label products that make a difference in our dining experience, promoting sustainable farming or building new relationships towards eating and our bodies. Luluna, Prommus, Sundown, Real Phat Foods, Matunuck, Uproot

We are improving efficiency by leveraging the digital age. We work with companies focused on enhancing the human experience in the workforce. Procensis, Picazzo, Splyt

Hospitality/Travel & Leisure
When the journey is the destination, we work with clients focused on expanding the opportunities life offers to broaden one's horizons. Sunridge, Pasq

we post bits and pieces of our process on our instagram. facebook is rarely used. twitter too. linkedin, well, we’re working on it. Kristin's linkedin is here.
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