We Build Brands.
We help businesses amplify their message through brand strategy and design, developing communication tools filled with "aha" moments allowing brand unity to turn into business growth.


Human connection drives us. It deepens our understanding, inspires opportunity, and builds culture. We're here to improve storytelling from business-to-business to person-to-person globally. Clarity in communication fosters peace, empathy, achievement, understanding, and community. Beyond that, it promotes growth and propels us forward; we want to be part of that!

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As a women-led team of strategists, designers, and makers, we seek to embrace different. We understand that not only do different perspectives yield the most innovative solutions, but they are the lifeblood of our future. Without weaving the fabric of our diverse backgrounds, we neglect opportunities to see both the needs and the limitations of our communications at a macro scale.

*Our studio prioritizes the support of sustainability, race/gender equality, people with disabilities, the Fair Employment Commission, clean-label products, transparency, ethical practices, and message-driven initiatives.

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About the Founder

Kristin Silva, the creative force behind Studio Quiche, embarked on her journey in design with a BFA in Graphic Design from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 2012. Kristin's early work, both independent and collaborative, garnered media attention, with features in Print Magazine, Print Regional Design Annual, and Graphic Design USA. She left the corporate world in Spring 2017 and started Studio Quiche.

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We Build Community.
Our goal is to foster a community over competition model and our standard is delivering design excellence.

Let's Talk Collective, Shall We?

A collective celebrates small business and independent creatives while allowing us to craft each project team with intention. We understand there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all, and while we’d love to say we’re a full service media-agnostic agency with full-time employees, the reality is, that's a pretty tall ask.

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Some of our partners in crafting greater, superior endeavors.

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Where can you find us?

In-Person vs. Virtual Meetings? We are headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island with a global remote workforce. Both in-person and virtual meetings are available upon request.

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UPDATE: Saturday March 2nd, 2024 @ 3:09pm:
Things are changing over here, and we're so excited. But this means we are currently busy at work with a website update. Check back soon for more on this or subscribe below to be the first to know!
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