We help businesses amplify their message through brand strategy and design. Developing communication tools filled with "aha" moments allows brand unity to turn into business growth.


Our studio supports sustainability, race/gender equality, people with disabilities, fair employment commission, clean label products, transparency, ethical practices and message driven initiatives.


Human connection drives us. It deepens our understanding, inspires opportunity and builds culture. We are a women-led team of strategists, designers and makers.Our proven method which includes creative practices, psychology and data leads to longterm partnerships and successful outcomes.

Kristin Silva

Creative Director / Founder

Justine Closterman

Lead Visual Designer

Marina Cariello

Lead Creative Strategist

we post bits and pieces of our process on our instagram. facebook is rarely used. twitter too. linkedin, well, we’re working on it. Kristin's linkedin is here. peep our blog here: theLookingGlass.
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